This is the first actual working version of the cards UI. I’m planning on extending this to the other inventory interfaces like chests, trading, and so on.

Integrating the player inventory as a deck of cards.

It’s a sandbox/building game, but with a crafting system a little similar to Little Alchemy - you combine different items in the world and make gradually more complex and useful things.

I’ve been using flat colored shapes for the last two weeks, so it was nice to add some better textures.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Default Company is to produce beautiful products that will delight, captivate, and inspire their participants.

Default Company aspires to offer a positive, meaningful, creative experience. We like non-violent, gender-neutral, unchaperoned kinds of games.

We don’t do punishing DRM, cynical in-app purchasing, or aggressive social media integration. As a business we’re terrible, but as a games company, we think we’re something special.